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Make tactical improvements to drive occupancy

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The health of your community revenue is too important to tackle alone.


You’re stretched for time


There are not enough resources to effectively elevate sales


You feel siloed and isolated from other communities that are performing well. 


The pressure to sell well and meet investor and operator demands are becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with. Without practical and helpful resources this can be too much of a burden to handle.

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Our bi-weekly podcast can help you create an actionable success story for your community.

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Elevating your senior living sales is simple

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The 100 Club Podcast

Your host Michael Moye

We’re a medium to educate senior living professionals to help you excel at what you do and feel empowered to make a difference in the families you serve.

Our podcast is dedicated to sales and marketing but no matter your role, it will impact the overall health of the entire senior living community.


Selling senior living communities should not be stressful.

Are you stretched for time being pulled in multiple directions but yet still need to close deals and act with utmost empathy. We are here to help you boost your sales in your community.   We want to educate you on best practices, challenge the “senior living norms” and create a community of collaboration and innovation.

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