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Effective communication between sales and ops with Cristy Ballard

Listen to the passion of Cristy Ballard, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Solstice Senior Living, talking about how opening up the lines of communication and being vulnerable has unlocked unreal results for her communities.

27 min.


Creating community partnerships w/ Elizabeth Dodd

Elizabeth Dodd is the AVP of Sales/Marketing for Allegro Living. She shares the creative ways she and the Allegro teams are creating community partnerships with local universities and doctors. One, in particular, is focused on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and the results are worth…

42 min.


2022 Year In Review w/ Maggie Seybold, VP of Customer Insights (WelcomeHome)

Our conversation covers the 2022 Year in Review report that was aggregated by the team at WelcomeHome. We cover industry occupancy, activities of top sales/marketing directors, best lead sources by the length of stay, and more…

36 min.


Fighting against mediocrity w/ Melisa Jones-Knight

It’s easy to get complacent and fall in the trap of telling yourself “this is the way that it’s always been done”. Our industry is moving forward because of leaders like Melisa Jones-Knight; she is fighting for her team to not stay complacent, and not only that, empowering her team to have levels of accountability and standards…

31 min.


Why your strategy is so important to understand your buyer persona w/ Debbie Howard (Senior Living Smart)

Where and how do I start marketing for my senior living communities? What am I missing? How do I create compelling stories to get like-minded prospective families through the door? Marketing today is getting more complex, and it’s only getting more complicated. Debbie Howard is a marketing wizard, especially as it relates to the digital side on how to reach consumers where they want to be reached…

32 min.


Winning your online presence w/ Angie Hildebrant

Angie and her team at Our House Senior Living saw an increase of 10% in occupancy, during the pandemic, just by going back to the basics. Meaning focusing on their organic reach by optimizing their content strategy and becoming more authentic…

35 min.


Accessing both families and prospective families VA Benefits w/ Suzette Graham (Patriot Angels)

You wouldn’t believe that 30-50% of the prospects and current residents in your community are either veterans or surviving spouses. This means there is a MASSIVE opportunity to help more families…

32 min.


Discounting, A Place for Mom, and Getting to 100% w/ Jessi Weldon & Kaylee Bush

Discounting, APFM, and Getting to 100% – we cover it all in this unique interview where we talk with Haylee Bush, the Sales Director at Primrose Retirement Community of Rogers, and Jessi Weldon, VP of Sales, Marketing, & Research for Primrose Retirement Communities…

31 min.


What stands you out as a sales and marketing director w/ Julie Podewitz (Grow Your Occupancy)

In the booth with THE Julie Podewitz and she breaks down actionable steps for what sales and marketing directors can be doing to be increasing their conversions. It first begins with controlling the “controllables” – it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of senior living sales but the best sales directors know how to step back and identify trends and be disciplined in the actions that increase conversions.

31 min.


Oh, shift w/ Phillip Vincent & Ben Rao (Mom's House)

There is a shift in the market that Mom’s House is a national partner for your community to ensure Mom is safer while relieving the stress of selling the house and dealing with all the stuff, giving the family the time to redirect their focus on Mom’s care…

33 min.


It's time to reframe the sit-tour-sit w/ Andrea Marchesotti

If you’re in senior living sales, you likely have been introduced to the sit-tour-sit. It’s time to rethink and reframe how were coaching our sales leaders to do this passed down methodology. Andrea Marchesotti is the National Director of Sales at Artis Senior living and drops absolute gold in this episode…

43 min.


Re-egineer your move in process w/ Maureen Longoria (LivNow Relocation)

Moving is the 3rd most stressful event that occurs in your life. This conversation is focused all around the challenges of a move and the barriers it creates for families to move into your community. Maureen walks through these challenges and shares practical ways we can be the best guides in this transitional phase…

27 min.


The perfect blend between sales and clinical w/ Ashley Shipman

Ashley Shipman, The Corporate Director of Clinical Compliance at SilverPoint Senior Living, is here to bring her insights from the clinical side! We talk about the importance of marrying sales and clinical and establishing a genuine partnership with each respective department. When working well, the downstream effects are stronger occupancy and happier families. Enjoy our conversation…

26 min.


All things leadership development w/ Brad Israel (Warrior 360)

Coming off the heels of the pandemic, this is a great time to evaluate where you stand and where you want to be in your leadership. Brad Isreal, the president at Warrior 360, is an army veteran who worked his way up to becoming a Green Beret and has the tools and wisdom that we all need to grow ourselves…

42 min.


Should we be afraid of automation? W/ SeniorLiving Pros

The word automation can have a couple of connotations… but we break down why teams shouldn’t be afraid and how we can embrace it and ensure we don’t lose the personal touch that will always be needed in the senior living space.

1 hr 5 min.


How to create a clear path for your customer w/ Evan Friedkin (Roobrik)

We sit down and chop it up with Evan Friedkin, Head of Business Development, at Roobrik. We’ve all heard the confused buyers don’t buy, so why are we still not presenting a clear path forward? Evan breaks it down on the podcast and shares some staggering statistics on why families aren’t touring…

53 min.


Senior Living Placement Expert w/ Eddie Biggers (Where The Heart Is)

We sit down with a good friend and owner of an Atlanta based senior living placement company, Where The Heart Is – Eddie Biggers. He tells his story about being an entrepreneur in the industry and how he’s been able to expand his company. Also, we dive into what the conversations are like after a family tours. What separates a community that gets the move in from the ones who don’t…

41 min.


The Critical Link Between Sales & Operations w/ Heather Tussing

Heather Tussing is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Sales with Morning Pointe Senior Living. She joins us to talk about sales and operations blending together to create a community primed for 100% occupancy…

41 min.


How 'The Home' Is The Industry's Biggest Opportunity w/ James Lee

A real pioneer in our Senior Living. James Lee is the CEO & Founder of Bella Groves Senior Living. James has served the senior living industry for 13 years and counting. He started his career as a caregiver and has held six community roles including Resident Programming and multiple Executive Director roles…

1 hr 13 min.


Peeling back the layers with your prospects w/ Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson, VP of Sales and Operations, at Thrive Senior Living jumps on the mic! This episode is jam-packed with content that you can apply today! In particular, a major focus is on the questions that CRDs/Sales Directors need to start implementing in their tours and discovery calls…

1 hr 2 min.


Eliminate anxiety and create a community of joy w/ Glenn Barclay

Glenn Barclay, the CEO/Partner with The Blake at QSL Management, jumps on the mic! He shares his story on how he got into senior living and why he wanted to take a pay cut to do something where he found true value and belief in what he was doing…

1 hr 9 min.


Senior Living Recruiting Experts on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Today we have a conversation with Max McNamara, CEO of FullSpectrum Staffing Solutions, and Katie Churchill, their Sales Development Leader. It goes without saying that it’s tough times to not only identify but also retain top talent…

1 hr 7 min.


How to win as a team w/ Kelly Schwennesen

We get the opportunity to speak with Kelly Schwennesen, VP of Sales and Marketing, over at SilverPoint Senior Living. A company that is set to acquire distressed communities, during a pandemic, and oh yeah, they’re 6 months old…

1 hr 11 min.


Upgrading The Senior Living Lifestyle w/ Scott McCorvie

Scott McCorvie has been active in improving the senior living industry for the past 18 years. He started his career at HealthTrust, competing over 500 senior living appraisal and market studies in markets across the United States…

48 min.


Using video to create a compelling story w/ Nicholas Begane

Nicholas Begane shares why he made the move from healthcare recruiting to now becoming a sales specialist at Westmont Living. You can feel his passion as she shares his story and gives tangible tips to implement in your community today…

37 min.


Sales Culture, Dementia Education & Leadership Training w/ Heather White (Grace and Truth)

Heather White founded Grace and Truth Education to focus on specialized dementia education, offering clinical CEU’s, and helping senior living professionals cultivate leadership and business growth. Heather is no newcomer to the world of growth and education…

1 hr 19 min.


The Shortcut to Sales and Marketing Success w/ Traci Bild

For over two decades Traci Bild, Founder of Bild & Co has been redefining business as usual, establishing processes and systems that simplify the complexities of business while accelerating financial results and Company valuations…

1 hr 4 min.


Tips To Generate Word of Mouth Referrals w/ Micah Hunt

Micah Hunt is a Regional Director of Sales for Southern VA at RUI | Diamond Award Winner “Best Practices” 2021 | Collaborator Extraordinaire | Board Member | Passionate Senior Advocate.

54 min.


How to improve your marketing ROI w/ Mary Cate Spires

Mary Cate Spires is the leading expert on using data and research to improve marketing ROI. She has worked with dozens of prominent brands from all over the US including SmartBug Media, HubSpot, and The Arbor Company to drive leads, ROI, and customers through digital marketing efforts…

1 hr 3 min.


How listening yields results w/ Tanner Easley

Tanner Easley is the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Village at The Triangle. He’s been able to successfully sell the community from pre-lease to now having sustained 100% occupancy, even through the pandemic…

24 min.


Passion that drives sales w/ Dani Vance

On this Episode, we have Danielle “Dani” Vance, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Jaybird Senior Living. What started in 8th grade morphed into her leading sales and marketing efforts for a 70+ community portfolio…

50 min.


Doing the good work w/ Christy Van Der Westhuizen

We have Christy Van Der Westhuizen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MBK Senior Living, on the show today! With 13 years of experience in the senior living industry, she breaks down her story on what got her into the industry, tips for what to expect when you become a regional, and more…

50 min.


Welcome to the 100 Club Podcast

The 100 Club Podcast, a show designed to help senior living sales and marketing leaders elevate their game. Discussions with industry leaders, experts, and boots on the ground directors, we’re giving the blueprint to help your community work together as a team and drive occupancy…

9 min.


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